Fur Storage

By William H. Harris

Moths and other insects can be attracted to the natural oils in your furs.

Your fur coat is a statement piece. Fur protects you from the frigid Eastern winters while bringing glamour to your style. Your fur most likely represents a significant importance. Maybe it was inherited from a family member, a gift from a spouse, or a special purchase. No matter the occasion, your fur holds value as one of the most luxurious materials in the world.

To protect your important fur coat or jacket, William H. Harris provides professional fur storage. Whether you purchased your fur from our shop or elsewhere, we are happy to provide the highest level of fur care.

Experts recommend having your fur coat stored every year beginning in late spring through early fall. Storing fur during the warmer months protects your fur from a range of risks including heat, light, moisture, and pests.

The Importance of Cold Storage

Cold storage is the main facet of proper fur maintenance. Keeping your fur coat in cold storage prolongs its life. Since fur is a natural and organic fabric, it will age as time goes on. If the pelts are not protected, they will become brittle and cracked. Repairing this severe damage can be costly and time consuming, leaving you with an expensive repair bill and less time to wear your fur.

Furs are sensitive to temperature and humidity. The best temperature to keep fur is 34-45° F with humidity around 50%. Most homes do not have consistent temperature and humidity. Even the slightest variable in conditions can wreak havoc to the delicate balance of your fur.

Some people believe keeping your fur in an attic or basement is safe, but this is not true. These areas of your home are especially susceptible to temperature and moisture fluctuations.

Our cold storage vault is professionally designed to provide continuous climate control to make sure your coat last for years in its best condition.

Professional Storage

William H. Harris has an on-site state-of-the-art fur storage vault that is carefully monitored 24/7 to ensure your fur is stored in optimal conditions. While in storage, your coat is always just a call or email away for a special event, sudden cold spell during the summer months, or travel to colder climates.

Our spacious vault means your fur is never cramped in tight spaces without air circulation.

This facility also protects from insect and pests. These critters can destroy your fur leaving patchy areas, discoloration, or severe shedding.

Everyday light may seem harmless, but can cause your furs to lose their brilliant colors. Yours furs are protected from UV rays within our storage vaults.

Unlike other salons, your fur is always stored with us on-site so it is never boxed or shipped out of town.

Since your fur is stored on-site, we have advanced security technology and trained personnel to make sure your valuable furs are safe with us at all times.

William H. Harris is happy store any fur while providing top quality protection against the many risks to your beautiful furs. Stop by or call to reserve your fur storage space today.

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