Fur Restyle

By William H. Harris

The Fur and Leather Centre can transform your old fur and bring it back to life.

Have you been thinking about restyling your fur? Now is the perfect time to renew the furs already in your closet. Many times our clients have inherited an older, full-length coat from a loved one. They love the memories tied to the coat, but the style is lacking.  Some clients come across a fur in a vintage boutique. Older fur pelts can still retain their natural beauty, but the style is outdated. No matter where you bought your fur, the story is the same.

The fur itself is stunning while the style and shape leaves much to be desired.

This is where the professional furriers and designers of William H. Harris Furs come in to bring your old fur back to life!

With over 200 years of experience in all aspects of the fur industry, the expert team of William H. Harris is the premiere choice for restyling your old, outdated fur coats, jackets, or even accessories. We will make your garment look like new. Whether it needs minor alterations or a completely new design, choose our team for all of your restyle needs.

Simple Fur Restyles

If you like the overall shape and style of your fur, we suggest our simple restyle package. We can alter your coat to make it larger or smaller so it better complements your figure. For example, if your inherited coat was previously from a taller family member, but you have a petite frame, we can alter the length and sleeves. If your coat is snug in certain areas, we can add more fabric so you can wear your coat comfortably.

If your coat is a little on the worn side, our experts will repair or replace the interior lining as well as change out buttons, hooks, and closures.

We also provide complete fur cleaning to remove any old odors or stains.

Complete Fur Restyle

If you love the fur, but dislike the design, William H. Harris Furs can help! Fur is a versatile fine fabric. With the right tools and knowledge, your fur can be completely transformed.

More people are incorporating their furs into their everyday style. Think less opera house and more fun date night looks.

We can turn an old full-length coat into a stylish vest that can be dressed up or down. If you still want a glamorous flair to your wardrobe, let us turn your old fur coat into a trendy cape or stole to throw on for those cool nights on the town. We can also add fur trim to other items like leather jackets.

Some types of fur, like beaver, can sheared to reveal a gorgeous and light under fur. If your old fur has an old Hollywood style with an oversized silhouette and shoulders, let William H. Harris Furs reduce the fullness for a more modern look.

Fur is huge on the runways right now. From New York to Paris, designers are incorporating fur into their fashion shows. If you have a specific idea for your fur, bring in a picture and we will work with you on achieving your one-of-a-kind high fashion look.

We know your fur is a treasured piece of fashion, and even history. When properly maintained, furs can last generations. Don’t let your fur waste away in your closet! Bring your fur coat to the skilled hands at William H. Harris for a complete fur restyle. Contact us at (401) 821-6000 to schedule your fur restyle appointment today.

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