Fur Repair

By William H. Harris

Our team of master furriers will inspect your fur or leather piece.

Fur Repair – A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Owning a fur coat is a powerful way to make a fashion statement. However, a rip or tear in the coat can leave you wanting to keep your coat tucked away in the closet. Don’t hide away your fur’s beauty because of an imperfection.  William H. Harris Furs is a leading expert in fur repair and restoration.

Fur damage can happen to new or old fur. A small tear can damage the pelt of a new mink or the lining of an older coat may need replacing. Addressing damage is the key to preserving your fur’s beauty for years. Your fur is an investment. Protect it with regular fur maintenance and avoid more costly repairs in the future.

Bring your fur to our expert team for any type of repair, big or small. We are proud to offer extensive repair services on site in Rhode Island so your precious coat will never have to be confined in packages or a dirty shipping truck.

Even the smallest rip or tear can cause extensive damage. Save time and money for the future and repair your fur today.

Protect Your Fur’s Legacy

Your fur holds a legacy. Perhaps it was inherited from a family member or it was your first big fashion purchase. No matter the case, William H. Harris Furs will repair your item with the highest level of care and respect. Our company holds its own legacy; we have over two centuries of combined experience in everything fur. We are proud fur owners that appreciate the special care fur and other fine fabrics need.

Our team of experts also repair fur-lined accessories, shearlings, and leathers. Don’t let these luxurious items stay tucked away in your wardrobe. We can inspect and advise you on any type of repair.

When you bring your item in, we will sit down with you and ask about its history and condition. Then we closely inspect all areas including seams, zippers, hooks, buttons, and the pelt. The most common type of issues we see are small rips or tears that come from everyday wear.

For these kinds of repairs, our master furriers work from the inside of the coat, opening the lining to make interior repairs. These hold stronger and will not be visible from the outside of the garment. An insider tip to avoid basic tears is to watch for anything sharp that can catch your garment. The shoulder and arm seams are also vulnerable areas for tears so we recommend lifting or removing your coat when you sit down to avoid undue stress.

Master Fur Experts at Your Service

Some damage may require more extensive repair such as dry or bare spots from hair loss of the pelt. One way you can avoid this type of damage is to avoid adding too much stress to the fur – stay away from shoulder bags with a strap and always carry a handbag instead. If this type of damage has already happened to your coat, don’t worry. William H. Harris Furs works wonders with fur replacement.

We carefully source fur from our industry leading affiliates so your new fur is a perfect match to the existing design.

No matter the type of repair you need, don’t risk even more damage with an ordinary tailor or dry cleaner. While these businesses are suitable for normal clothing repair, they lack the special needles, threads, and other tools necessary for more exclusive fabrics like fur and leather. From big repairs to annual maintenance, William H. Harris Furs is here for all your needs.  Call us today at (401) 821-6000 to schedule your repair consultation and watch our experts bring your coat back to life!

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