Fur Cleaning

By William H. Harris

When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner.

Why You Should Have Your Furs Professionally Cleaned

You found the perfect fur. The color matches your skin tone beautifully. The shape flatters exquisitely. You want to make sure you favorite “wow” piece lasts forever.

Regular fur maintenance will help you fur look like new for years. Among regular repair and proper storage, fur cleaning is another important part of your fur maintenance tool kit.

Consistent fur cleaning and glazing are critical in protecting the natural oils and soft texture of your garments. Professional fur cleaning not only protects the outer furs, but helps the underfur and lining.

Your fur coat or jacket may not look or feel dirty, but there is a different story happening deep within the fur pelts. Tiny particles get locked into the base hairs of each fiber. What kinds of particles get stuck in fur? Everything from dirt, sand, and grime to smoke or perfume odors are attracted to fur.

If these particles are not removed, they can erode the natural oils and lead to a faded appearance and weakened pelts. If the furs are weakened too much due to inadequate cleaning, it can cause permanent   damage and costly repairs in the future.

Much of this happens during normal wear throughout the fall and winter season. This is why it is convenient to have your coat cleaned in the spring months before going into storage. With the right storage, properly cleaned fur can last for decades.

William H. Harris Furs – The Trusted Name in Fur Cleaning

Is it time to pamper your favorite fur? William H. Harris is a leading fur care service provider with over 200 years of combined experience. Not only are we a luxury fur boutique, we expertly offer a comprehensive range of services for all your fur needs.

When you bring your fur to our team, we will walk you through our professional process. We will also inspect your fur in case it needs repair before its cleaning session.

We only used authorized cleaning materials that are safe to use on the most delicate furs. Don’t try to have your fur serviced at a dry cleaner or at home. While there are chemicals for sale online, fur experts do not suggest using these products on your fur. You will not know for sure if these products are safe until there is damage to your coat. Your coat’s value is not worth taking a risk on unknown chemicals.

Our mild, but effective cleaning will remove dirt and other particles from your fur coat, jackets, vest, or fur-lined garments. Your favorite fur will be like new.

We also care for fine leathers as well. Leather requires its own special cleaning process. If present, spots or stains on your leather will be hand-treated. Ask us about all the materials we can professionally clean.

Your Fur Cleaned and Conditioned to Perfection

Fur cleaning goes beyond just removing dirt. The natural oils in your fur must be preserved as well. This is why William H. Harris Furs cleans and then adds a conditioning glaze afterwards. Just like when you condition your own hair, fur glazing helps lock in the appropriate amount of moisture. This moisture acts like barrier against dryness to keep your fur looking amazing. When our professional cleaners are done with your fur, you will want to show it off like you did on the day you bought it.

Call (401) 821-6000 or stop by for your fur cleaning consultation.  We’ll help your fur look like new for seasons to come.

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